I will be sharing the cemeteries that I come across either through volunteering or on my own. I will try to share any information I can on each cemetery, including transcriptions. Some of it may be my own research, however, most of the time I will provide a link to a transcription, etc so that the work of others may be recognized.

There are some great websites that took a lot of volunteer time to post these transcriptions and I hope that you will take some time to look through them. I've added links under "Favorite Links" on the sidebar.

I will be adding posts of cemeteries based on Find A Grave photo requests and my personal research. Under each county tab, you will find a link (or two) for lists of cemeteries in each county as well as a list of the cemeteries I've visited. I will add to it as I go to each cemetery.

Obviously, living in the New England area is wonderful for all the old cemeteries, however, it also has some unpleasant weather during the winter. It is possible (and more likely) that the photos will be taken more frequently during the warmer months.