10 June 2011

Breesport Baptist Church Cemetery, Breesport, NY

This cemetery is small with approximately 200 burials. It is located next to the Breesport Baptist Church on North Chemung Road at Church Street. There is a short history of this church as well as a photograph on Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice. It appears that the old church building was among the gravestones until about 1976 when they built a new church building on the land next to the cemetery. You can see photos of this on the Breesport Baptist Church website.

It is very well-kept cemetery that was freshly mowed and completely devoid of trash. It is not remote at all as there are houses surrounding it, as well as the church.

Most of the grave markers are older with deaths ranging in the 1800's. There were a couple of deaths in the early 1900's, and I didn't see anything after that. There were multiple stones that appeared as if they had been broken, either because they had fallen over due instability or they were pushed over. Some of them seemed to have fallen long ago as they were already being taken over by the grass surrounding them.
You can barely make out the name on this one
There were a few gravestones that looked as though they had been purposely broken and the pieces that were broken off were missing. They were not anywhere near the broken stone, which makes you wonder what happened to them.
Broken off stone near the Brees Family. It is possible it is a child's since it is so small.
Another stone was not only flat on the ground, but it was broken and the lower half of it completely missing. You could see that it had been there at some point as the outline of the gravestone remained in the grass.
All that is left of Thomas Baldwin's gravestone
As usual, my little buddy came along with me and as usual, she is just a joy to be around. She happily galloped along and entertained herself while I took over 100 photos of this cemetery. We made it about halfway through before she asked to leave and I managed to convince her to hang on until we were done. She's just so happy that it's nice to have her company when visiting a location that can sometimes make you sad...

I like to remember my little ray of sunshine when I have to look at gravestones such as this one of twins who didn't make it very long in this world.
Infant on left and Adelia age 6 on right; Brees Family
There is a transcription of this cemetery done on Joyce M. Tice's website; however, just a warning that the information in the notes section was put there by whoever did the transcription and it is not always inscribed on the actual tombstones. There also appears to be multiple entries for the same gravestone. Below is a photo of the gravestone and it appears to have two entries in the transcription. It is listed as Osher & Reginal Breese as well as Osker & R.E. Ginal (look hard for this at the bottom of the gravestone). I don't see the name Breese on the gravestone, however, it is sunken in.
I am not trying to be insulting, I'm merely pointing it out for anyone who would be using it for research purposes. I am very grateful for this transcription as it helped me cross reference some of the gravestones that were covered and could only be read partially.

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I was frustrated at the end of visiting this cemetery because although I did obtain a lot of photos, I could not find 4 out of the 9 photo requests for this cemetery. I even walked through the cemetery twice trying to find them. I don't know if they were one of the sunken or broken graves, but three of them were in the transcription mentioned above so they had to have been in the cemetery at some point. I'm just sorry I didn't get a photograph of them in time.

You can find the photos I did take at Flickr.


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